places in pandaria: the veiled stair

One of my personal favorite locations, The Veiled Stair is home to a wide array of absolutely nothing. While peaceful, it holds only the Tavern in the Mists, that one auction house we all know but refuse to acknowledge, and many, many goats. While goat lovers may find solace here, the place is misty and nondescript- a perfect place for quiet contemplation, unless you’re returning from a long quest comprised of fetching various things for Wrathion. Should an adventurer be brave enough to journey beneath the Tavern, one can find an interesting virmen, and perhaps partake in its festivities.

places in silvermoon city: farstriders’ square

Farstriders’ Square is home to a variety of trainers, most notably those of the hunters and paladins. Professions are also taught here and the Square is a thriving place, filled with eager combatants and studious apprentices alike. Rumor has it that if you spin three times in front of the Hall of Blood, a pretentious blood knight will emerge and chastise you for whatever it is you did to disturb them, all while pretending that they are better than you. (just kidding, that’s not a rumor; they all do that). Champion Vranesh can often be seen quirking that perfectly waxed eyebrow at absolutely nothing while walking around, disgruntled for whatever reason. Quite a beautiful part of the city. 


places in silvermoon city: murder row

The Murder Row is the shadiest district of Silvermoon City. It is located to the north of the Walk of Elders. It is home to the rogue and warlock guilds.

Its old high elven name may be Augur’s Row. Reasonably low real-estate prices can be found here, possibly due to the name and shady nature of the place, for those who can’t afford penthouses in Dalaran.”